I’m based in beautiful East Lothian at Myreside Studios beside the Chippendale International School of Furniture, where I graduated in 2019. Previous to that I worked in a banking technology role for a major UK bank.

I was inspired to start working with wood when I purchased some furniture made from elm, which remains my favourite wood today. Most of the timbers I use are grown and bought in Scotland.

I enjoy combining all the skills I learned at the school including veneering, gilding and carving – have a look at my portfolio of past work, and swing on by the Feemade pages on Facebook or Instagram to see what I’m up to.

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I love partnering with clients to produce pieces to meet their dreams. Often it’s tricky to find the furniture you want to fit a particular space or an existing look, be it a pair of bedside tables or a bookcase to house your favourite reads.

Ikea is fine, but your house isn’t built to Ikea dimensions – let me build something specific to the place you want it to be.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you want we can work through your sketches, measurements and ideas to create 3-dimensional images to allow you to envisage the final piece. When we agree price and dates we’re all set! Once the piece is ready I can deliver and fit if necessary.



It’s a pleasure to bring cherished items back to life if they’ve been suffering from a bit of neglect or a little too much lovin’. If your little darling puts a ding in your table leg with their scooter, or you spill something nasty on your antique occasional table, don’t replace it – restore it.

There’s a reason the Repair Shop is one of the most popular programmes on television: things are precious when they have memories attached. Don’t lose those memories or let your item become tinged with sadness over its state.

Bring it in and let me help restore it to its former glory.



The old ways are sometimes just the old ways. New ways come along they get forgotten for a while, then you realise that sometimes the old ways are actually the best! This is the case with Signwriting. Vinyl signs became popular and cheap… and after a while they look cheap too.

A proper, hand-written sign will last the test of time and give a quality presentation to your business. Be it a sign-written chalk board, a gilded house number on glass or enamel painted sign, it will add a certain level of luxury to your business.



As my tutor said – if you can paint it, you can gild it. Using oil gilding techniques, mundane objects can be transformed into stunning keepsakes. Turn everyday ornaments into golden statues, or preserve your baby’s first shoe in 23.5 carat gold – yes, even leather can be gilded!

I'm not qualified for doing teeth though - see your dentist instead.



"You spin me right round, baby…" Woodturning is a particular passion of mine: lathe at home, lathe in the workshop… like a week-old pint of milk I’m always on the turn.

Bowls, rolling pins, finials for roofs, for skirting, for staircases, bedposts…

the list is endless.


If you want to know more about what I’m doing, get in touch. Drop me a mail, give me a call, or swing by the workshop.

Mine’s an americano with cold milk...

07825 585531

Fiona Gilfillan